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Green Linden Press

Under A Warm Green Linden, launched in 2008 as a forum on the technical and ineffable qualities of the art of poetry, features reviews and interviews with established and emerging poets that are intended to deepen, illuminate, and complicate an understanding of the work. The title of the journal alludes to an image from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s "The Day of My Death," chosen for its balancing the terrors of being with the promise of renewal.  


Expanded in 2015, we have added a twofold mission: to publish and foster excellent poetry and to give a portion of our proceeds to reforestation efforts. There are currently three trillion trees on the planet, but prior to human industrialization there were ten trillion. We feel an obligation to help restore the bounty from which we have all drawn. The current project we support is the Arbor Day Foundation's reintroduction of hardwood diversity into state forests in Iowa, where fecund land once rich with woods and prairies is now dominated by corn and soy production. 

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